Best Train Food Service – Fudcheff

Does the thought of eating the train pantry food make you think twice? Now there is a better and tempting alternative. You can order your food through online food portals in advance and their vendors ensure that it gets delivered to you at your seat. This means that you don’t have to get off the train. Thanks to the advancement in the Internet technology and usage of smartphones, you can download the apps of the prominent online food portals such as Fudcheff on your phone or go to their website to place your order.

The process is very simple, all that you have to do is book a meal by entering the ten digit PNR number or the train number. You will also get the menu card that lists the food and its price. Place your order and make the payment and hot, tasty, quality and hygienic food is there for you at the fore mentioned station.


Now you would be thinking about what would happen if the train is running late. Understanding that it’s one of the problems faced by those traveling by railways, the online food portals get their food delivered at an earlier station. This is to ensure that their patrons get their food boxes at the right time.  The food portals have a huge network of vendors across at more than 200 railway stations. These vendors quickly deal if there is any delay in the trains.

An objective of these food portals including that of Fudcheff is to serve quality homemade food to those passengers who have to be on the train for a very long duration of time.  The travel food boxes are convenient for those who are particular about the type of food they eat, those who are traveling with small children and those who love to have homemade delicious meals.

Gone are the days when you have to carry home cooked food with you when departing on a long train journey. Today technology and the presence of the mobiles of the reputed food portals make it easier to order food your preferred choice as per your religious beliefs, at the convenient time and railway station.


About Food Delivery in Train - FudCheff

FudCheff is latest food-ordering portal and is created in efforts to revolutionize the experience for Indian railway travellers! You can get your favorite food to your train seat just by a few clicks!!! FudCheff provides tasty, hygienic and timely delivery of your picked food at approved major railway stations in India!
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